Price Rate

Please understand that this is a custom quilting made to order, so no two quilts look alike despite of similar designs. Perfections on quilt making does not exist as Quilters are not machine nor robots, so slight imperfections are expected.

The price below is ONLY for Topper Quilting, and the client is advice to go to a Long Arm Quilter (LAQ) to finish the whole quilt as I don’t have access to LAQ or I can suggest an LAQ that I know. The price quoted here excludes material such as fabrics, batting, backing and special threads and other special needs such as Long Arm Quilting. I prefer the client to gather the necessary materials as this would cut the cost down.

Time to put order: 4 months prior to target date


Topper Quilting Price Rate (Labor Only)

  • $12/hr. – $15/hr. for the minimum of 45 quilting work hours depends on the design and size.
  • If more than 45 hours are required to work on the individual quilts then additional $8/hour will be incurred for subsequent hours required to finish the project.
  • 50% deposit is required before start of any project (negotiable)


Interested, please contact me to discuss further in details.


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