– Crafter, Quilter, Yogini, and healthy life loving
– Backyard farmer
– Traveler

I’ve been a quilter for over 5 years, but I’ve been a crafter since I was at a young age. I love machine embroidery quilting because it gives me the opportunity to play with different thread colors. I fell in love with machine embroidery when I attended my first class and finished my first embroidered quilt. I also do normal quilting from baby quilts to queen-bed size quilts.

Besides quilting, I do other craft works such as quilted bags, recycle shopping bags from chicken feed bags, and small little bags just to name a few of them. I am also an amateur knitter and crocheter.

I am passionate about my craftworks because each one of them has its own specialty and history which resonates in me.

Well, enough writing about me, do browse through my works and hope you have a wonderful visit. Enjoy!


Quilting is both a technical skill as well as an Art. I’ve been quilting on and off more than 5 years, but not until recently that I decided to sharpen my skills in quilting by taking sewing classes as to get to know my machine, embroidery classes, bobbin play classes, and other classes that I had taken in progressing myself in this art.

I’ve even reorganized my room to make it look like a craft studio which encourage me to do more quilting and crafting. I’ve learn sewing and crafting since I was in primary school, it’s a very long time, but it’s a skill that was taught to me by my aunties.

There are two types of quilter: hand quilter and machine quilter.. I am the latter although I know how to hand quilt, I don’t prefer to do it as I don’t have the patience for it. Hand quilt blankets and quilts are very expensive in terms of cost to purchase because of the time taken to quilt a project and it’s techniques and the details of hand sewed items. It could cost over $2000 for hand quilted quilts compared to machine quilted quilts. Machine Quilts runs from $500 to $1500 per quilt. Why is it expensive?

  • It’s an art and skills that need to make a quilt
  • Each quilt is unique depends on the individual quilters : Beginner, Amateur, and Professional Quilters
  • Time taken to gather the materials, thinking of the design, colors, cutting, sewing, etc
  • Intricacies of the design request by the client
  • It’s handcrafted/handmade by a skilled person



Baby Quilt I made years ago.


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