Experiment Drunkard Path Block Audition 

Yesterday, I decided to use my new 10″ Layered Cake to make drunkard path. First, I tried Leah’s method of tucking the circles… it looked very messy and the circle didn’t look like a circle and I chose a stitch which wasn’t that great so it turns out not to my liking. Secondly, I tried one pattern on Pinterest and it too didn’t turn out as I expected … so I dumped that pattern below. 

Something missing..

Something missing in this block so I decided to add a circle. 

Now, it looks better, but I didn’t like the messy circle. The bad thing was that I’ve to do a lot of trimmings … very time consuming. Here I used layered cake and charm packs.

Later in the day, I decided to go with an appliqué method which is easier and I don’t need to tuck in the edges of my circle and I use blanket stitch which works very well and I like the result.

Here, is my new pattern I acquired from Pinterest.. the only thing am going to change is the position of the four corners so that my dark blue can be on the right side instead of it being on the same area or I might exchange it with another set of colors.

So far I prefer this pattern and the color scheme. 

Materials: layered cake and charm packs bought from Missouri star quilt company.