Kittykat Knit Hat

I just finished this hat. It took me 3 days to knit it because I’ve other chores to do.  If you can set aside a day to knit this hat, you probably can complete it in a day. It’s simple to knit: Rib stitch and seed stitch completed with optional pompoms.

This is circular needle method less seam to worry about. The yarn is quite cheap from Walmart and it’s bulky yarn. Great for winter wear! I reckon the nicest yarn would be malabrigo yarn.

For binding off, I use 3 needle method which is much stronger and give it a nice seam.

Cast on: 70 ( adult) … min 66 for 22 inch diameter head size

Items Used:

  • #9 circular needle
  • Worsted bulky yarn from Walmart
  • Crochet needle for binding off


  • Rib stitch: k2p2 all around for 2.5 inches wide
  • Seed stitch: Row1 k1p1 ; Row2 p1k1 ; Row3 k1p1 –> repeat Row2 & Row1 for 8 inches or 32 rows  or more to your desired width
  • Finally, bind off to your desired method. Here I use 3 needle method bind off. You can go to YouTube to learnt this.
  • Optional: made two pompoms