Baby Cat Knit Hat


  • Good Yarn
  • Size US 9 circular needle
  • #9 crochet needle and extra dp knitting needle (bind off)
  • Small scissor


  • Snug fit CO 50 
  • Just right fit: CO 60 or 66 long tail method 
  • Do about 6″ rib stitch: 2k2p
  • Then seed stitch about 32 rows : k1p1 Row 1, p1k1 Row 2, Do the same in alternate for the rest of the rows
  • Decrease after row 32: slip stitch 2 and k1 continue with seed stitch until the end of each row bind off: slip stitch 2 and k1.. decrease for at least 3 rows.
  • Bind off: turn the hay inside out … right side facing each other and bind off see YouTube channel for this for refresher lesson.