Knitting: Baby Toodler’s Hat

First off, i need to give a review on this particular yarn … 100% Cotton Supreme from UniversalYarn Inc… 


  1. Soft and silky .. 
  2. Stretchable so if you’re knitting for kids make sure that you don’t cast on too many coz it will stretch twice that stitches…


  1. Fibers flying everywhere
  2. They stick to my pants and shirt and hair
  3. You might sneeze from it too..

Will I buy it again.. Probably not unless I can figure out on how to knit without the fiber flying and sticking to my pants.. Thank GOD am done knitting..

I follow a design from a book “projects for baby but i didn’t follow the number of cast on stitches which is way too many and it might over stretch since I know this yarn that am using… 

I like this hat design.. It’s a beret for toddler or baby and it’s cute with the ribbing .. The spiral top shape is an added coolness… 

I knit this hat for 2 days and using half of 100g yarn exclude the Pom Pom .. The Pom Pom is just something I added to make it look nice…☺️


Happy knitting everyone!!🤗  


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