Its a daunting task, but it must be done to make the quilt more balance. It takes me an hour or so to really piece one block nicely and in point especially flying geese… When I first started piecing flying geese, the points were not aligned, they were all over the place which I didn’t like it at all.. but then it’s my own quilt.. Since then I learnt a technique which helps me to make each point aligned and am happy since then.. coz when the flying geese is aligned , it looks really nice… Don’t you think so… 🙂



Here is my first piece block which am laying out together with the embroidered triangles before I sew them permanently. I’ve 6 piece blocks that need to be finished before I put all of them together.. One completed block took me half a day to complete.. so I should be able to complete at least 3 blocks this weekend if I don’t run into a snag… 😉

I need to go to the quilt store this coming weekday as I need to get a fat quarter in one of the colors which am almost out… That will be in my 2nd piece block…


Anyway, piecing is not that difficult if you have a good sewing machine and a 1/4 feet.. Don’t sweat it if the blocks don’t come out perfect.. but to an anal person like me.. I might take it apart.. *lol* unless it’s not worth my time to take it apart, I just let it be and adjust where needed..

Happy sewing and crafting!!