Feels Like Spring

I am still working on this machine embroidery quilting for my bed quilt. I almost finish the embroidery blocks: left only one more to go and I hit home run for all my embroidery blocks. Then I’ve to cut and sew the other blocks, not embroidery. I only work on my quilt over the weekends and on holidays when I get the chance if I am not busy with my yoga and home chores. Yes, I’ve aplenty home chores that need my attention.


Prepping for embroidery


Machine Embroidery

This unfinished quilt is almost a year, and am still working on this quilt. I hope I can finish it in the spring 2015 so that I can put it on my bed.. 🙂 It’s going to be gorgeous once it finished and fully complete.

The year went through so fast that it’s almost end of the year and next year it’s 2015.. Wow!! Time flies!!..