How to use Friskar semicircle cutter 

It’s very easy to use this tool. Below is how I use this tool. 

When you place the cutter make sure that the marker on the white stamp is facing you. The underside of the cutter, you’ll notice two stubs as shown below, those need to be within the cutting groove so that the cutter blade is aligned.


Tools: New Circle Cutter

I went to the quilt shop two weekends ago I reckon.. I was looking for circular cutter or circular template coz I wanted to make variety of drunkard path patterns circular sizes rather than using the 5″ charm packs… 

Anyway, the store sells the protractor style circular cutter which is okay, I bought it and it’s expensive too … I didn’t want to buy an expensive cutter but I thought I might need it in the future..

Then I decided to go to Jo Ann.. here is what I bought… I’ve not use it yet.. 

I am going to unbox it and use it today to see how it works.. pretty excited with this new toy..  

oh!! Yesterday, I did calculate how many yards I need to get for the red fabric instead of buying the fat quarters.. I think, it will be slightly cheaper if I go with this route.. I need at least 3 yards but am going to request it to be cut in 1 yard which made it easier for me to handle the fabric… 

till later.. 

Layout: Color Audition 

I decided to change my initial color for my drunkard path quilt that I am making … I think am going to make a twin size quilt blanket for myself to replace my very old quillow… 

To help me remember what goes where, I thought taking a picture of this layout will help me remember.. 

Here, I am going to use one stable color, and I check it against my color wheel. It’s good.

Alrighty, we’ll see how this blanket turns out… am going to use soft blanket from IKEA for the back.

I need to buy about 14 fat quarters to get approximately 42 ten inch squares. 

Experiment Drunkard Path Block Audition 

Yesterday, I decided to use my new 10″ Layered Cake to make drunkard path. First, I tried Leah’s method of tucking the circles… it looked very messy and the circle didn’t look like a circle and I chose a stitch which wasn’t that great so it turns out not to my liking. Secondly, I tried one pattern on Pinterest and it too didn’t turn out as I expected … so I dumped that pattern below. 

Something missing..

Something missing in this block so I decided to add a circle. 

Now, it looks better, but I didn’t like the messy circle. The bad thing was that I’ve to do a lot of trimmings … very time consuming. Here I used layered cake and charm packs.

Later in the day, I decided to go with an appliqué method which is easier and I don’t need to tuck in the edges of my circle and I use blanket stitch which works very well and I like the result.

Here, is my new pattern I acquired from Pinterest.. the only thing am going to change is the position of the four corners so that my dark blue can be on the right side instead of it being on the same area or I might exchange it with another set of colors.

So far I prefer this pattern and the color scheme. 

Materials: layered cake and charm packs bought from Missouri star quilt company.

Kittykat Knit Hat

I just finished this hat. It took me 3 days to knit it because I’ve other chores to do.  If you can set aside a day to knit this hat, you probably can complete it in a day. It’s simple to knit: Rib stitch and seed stitch completed with optional pompoms.

This is circular needle method less seam to worry about. The yarn is quite cheap from Walmart and it’s bulky yarn. Great for winter wear! I reckon the nicest yarn would be malabrigo yarn.

For binding off, I use 3 needle method which is much stronger and give it a nice seam.

Cast on: 70 ( adult) … min 66 for 22 inch diameter head size

Items Used:

  • #9 circular needle
  • Worsted bulky yarn from Walmart
  • Crochet needle for binding off


  • Rib stitch: k2p2 all around for 2.5 inches wide
  • Seed stitch: Row1 k1p1 ; Row2 p1k1 ; Row3 k1p1 –> repeat Row2 & Row1 for 8 inches or 32 rows  or more to your desired width
  • Finally, bind off to your desired method. Here I use 3 needle method bind off. You can go to YouTube to learnt this.
  • Optional: made two pompoms 

Baby Cat Knit Hat


  • Good Yarn
  • Size US 9 circular needle
  • #9 crochet needle and extra dp knitting needle (bind off)
  • Small scissor


  • Snug fit CO 50 
  • Just right fit: CO 60 or 66 long tail method 
  • Do about 6″ rib stitch: 2k2p
  • Then seed stitch about 32 rows : k1p1 Row 1, p1k1 Row 2, Do the same in alternate for the rest of the rows
  • Decrease after row 32: slip stitch 2 and k1 continue with seed stitch until the end of each row bind off: slip stitch 2 and k1.. decrease for at least 3 rows.
  • Bind off: turn the hay inside out … right side facing each other and bind off see YouTube channel for this for refresher lesson.


Swaddling Blanket and Knotted Bags

Another swaddling blanket for my girlfriend who gave birth to a baby boy. Oh boy!! I don’t quite like making swaddling blankets coz it’s just tedious at times …

Anyway, I finished this set of knotted bags for my aunties. I am distributing them as a gift  to each of my closest aunts/relatives. I am not certain when I’ll be making this again. The momentum was great when I can finish two in a day… 

I need to finish up my embroidery quilt project which is laying on my table here… 

Craft room is getting messy and starting to not spark joy!! 

Oh!! I need to read that book… 🤔